You have to get people there, you want them to enjoy themselves and leave with grand  memories, and you want them to know you appreciate their support. Let CK help you do this in style and grace. We can assist in presenting customized event invitations, personalized event pieces and take-home favors, thank you cards, and much more. Personalized items make the event that much more memorable. Call CK today to see what Kreative touch we can offer to help push your event to the next level.

Design That Works for You


Launching a new product, service, or event and want to be noticed? Then it’s essential to market yourself with a eye-catching logo, memorable business card or flyer, or intriguing brochure. Our designs ensure your voice gets the attention it deserves. Whatever your print or Web needs, whether you want to promote your brand, announce a special event, or draw some Web traffic, you need look no further.



In this day and time, online marketing is one of the biggest tools to silently push your business. Your website is your best salesperson so you must be dressed for success. Adept at web design, we’ve created many different layouts for many different business types and as the portfolio continues to grow we are sure we can create something suitable for your current need. We do our best to ensure you make a memorable first impression, and keep your visitors coming back for more.


Who are we and What do we offer?

Carista’s Kreations is a creative design company that is here to serve all of your creative business and personal needs. Here to bring your vision to life, we create materials such as logos, websites, business cards, fliers, and much more. Whatever your marketing and advertising needs, we are here to work with you from start to finish to bring the entrepreneurial vision to life.

Though marketing and advertising for businesses is a major focus for Carista’s Kreations, this is not all that we offer. CK also has an event planning side that can assist you in making your event ‘one to remember’. As most people like to plan events based on a particular theme, we can help you tie that theme into your event from the invitations, to the party favors, to the thank you cards and much more.

Why be plain and simple when you be Kreative and Out-the-Box!!!

Looking for a new way to liven up your event and get the guests talking? 


Take your event up a notch with an exciting picture movie to capture the crowds attention! Depending on the nature of the event, you can show the guests how in love you are, how proud you are of the honoree, share your accomplishments, celebrate a life and much more thru a live viewing of pictures, music, and movies.

Picture movies (or slideshows) are becoming more and more popular. They can be orchestrated as a surprise gift at an event o as a planned special presentation during a program or service. Some of the more popular uses include wedding or engagement celebrations, birthday tributes, graduation celebrations, and memorial tributes (homegoing celebrations) to name a few.

Take a look at some of the awesome presentations that Carista's Kreations has done thus far. 

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Check out our Works page, and you’ll understand why we stay busy and receive rave reviews. We know every client is completely unique with unique needs and purposes. We treat them as such, and they love us for it. We’re sure you’ll agree that we’re the right design team for your needs.